Net that saves human life

This is an introduction to the fall prevention net that is often seen in common areas of condominiums.

In addition to insect repellent and sports nets, it is also used as a preventive function. Please contact us first as the
price will change depending on the size and the condition of the wall at the construction site

The person in charge will measure and estimate at the construction site!

कदाचित मजकूर ची प्रतिमा असू शकते

For more details, please contact us:
Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (1) 丸 八 ント 商会
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TEL + 81-52-251-6731
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Bird netting 【prevention of birds on balconies】

This is a bird net that we have installed.

Bird netting

Bird netting is recommended for condominiums and private residences that are concerned about the intrusion of birds.

We can design and install bird nets according to the shape of the building and your wishes. Please feel free to contact us!

Ball-Protection Net (for Golf)

We constructed a net to protect people from getting hit by a golfball.

Our products are customized, so if you need a net for other reasion or specific reasons we will find a solution for sure.

If you need further information or wish for a quotation please do not hestitate to contact us.


Bugs tent orange sheet

Hi, there!

This is an orange sheet used to drive away insects.


Because insects cannot recognise this kind of orange color, it will work.

You can protect your work place from insects.


Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (株)丸八テント商会
5-7-10 Sakae Naka-ku Nagoya Aichi Japan
(本社:愛知県名古屋市中区栄 5-7-10)

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