Hand-block Printing Factory in Bagru, Rajasthan:

Bagru is a small township in the district of Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is famous for its ‘signature’ in the field of block printing and natural dyes. The livelihood of the majority is artisanship. The unique and splendid efforts of artisans of using these wooden blocks in their own peculiar way and uses indigenous methods of printing are known as “Bagru printing.”


Carving details on the outer wall of Jhulta Minara, Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

The shaking minarets are the most unique architectural wonder in Gujarat which is locating in Sidi Bashir’s mosque.It was constructed to protect the earthquakes. According to popular beliefs, it is the most interesting wonder of India’s architectural splendor. Each minaret has beautiful patterns carved on it and they have stone balconies. The remarkable feat of the minarets remains how on the gentle shaking of a minaret, the other one also vibrates, even though a connecting passage between them remains unaffected. The cause of this phenomenon still remains a mystery.

Khavda Pottery, Bhuj, Gujarat:

The art of Khavda Pottery started in Khavda village which is located at the rim of the Rann of Kutch. The women handle all the surface decoration, which is primarily in the form of painting. The soft clay is shaped into a pot on a potter’s wheel and left to dry in the shade, then women use red, black, and white clay-based paints to decorate each piece of pottery with distinct community-specific designs.

Vendor of Nungu, Tamilnadu:

Nungu also known as ice apple is the palmyra fruit that is soft, succulent and very refreshing. It is a seasonal fruit – a summer delicacy, that acts as a natural coolant but also has a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. It helps fight heat strokes & fatigue that are quite common during the summer. The fruit contains three pods, each of which hold the soft juicy edible part.

Local Market outside Temples in Maharashtra:

Wide streets and narrow lanes outside religious places like temples in Maharashtra are alive with activity. In front of temples and alongside temples, and everywhere in between, vendors shout from carts selling everything from colourful birds and flowers to traditional Indian clothes and food.

Fruit Vendor alongside the highway in Odisha:

During this time of the year, one can see tribal people selling ‘Kendu’ in markets and roadsides. The tribal people living in forested areas collect them in baskets from early in the morning. They then come to Keonjhar town and other nearby markets to sell them. They instead of selling them by scales sell them in heaps with each heap selling for Rs 20 (32.86JPY).