Customized Tent

You are looking for a specific tent and you are not shure if this tent even exists on the market?

No problem! All our products are customized, so no matter how unique or difficult the design might be, we will do our best to realize your dreams.

Of course we do not only produce tents, but also alot of other products, such as shoes or bags, made of tent fabrics.

If you need further information or wish a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.


Long Term Internship in Nagoya Japan

Did you know that we provide long term internships? Not only for Japanese, but also for students from overseas.

But what is a long term internship? Isn’t it the same like a part-time job? No, it is not.

At a part-time job your goal is do earn some money regardless which kind of work you do. But an internship is completely different. The goal is to get to know what work in a real company means. You are able to learn how to use your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Here at Maruhachi you can join many different projects or also suggest to start a project which interests you.

If you need more information or want to join us please feel free to contact us.