Sanjiku-ori” 三軸織 for ceilings and other paneling; “A beautiful and functional fabric”

Sanjiku ori is a special japanese woven fabric made with unique material and pressed into various decorative patterns which can be made into panels ideal for Ceilings and other purposes.

The fabrics are usually composed of vertical, horizonal and diagonal fiber structures. Triaxial fabrics are woven in three directions, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal and create a regular hexagon to disperse force and enable a more stable structure. It is a non-combustible material and lighter than normal fabrics and easy to mold. It is a beautiful and highly functional fabric.

place orders for custom made sanjiku – ori patterns for use in homes and offices. Contact us today.

Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (株)丸八テント商会
5-7-10 Sakae Naka-ku Nagoya Aichi Japan
(本社:愛知県名古屋市中区栄 5-7-10)


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