【Car Mirror Cover (Environmentally Friendly): Made in Japan】

 We created car mirror Cover with Nishijin-ori.
You can custom the size.

This product made of Japanese traditional way of weaving and we were able to use the thread made of recycled PET.

With this cover, your car would be more special.

★What is Nishijin-ori?
Nishijin-ori (西陣織)is made of silk and it is very sophisticated it tevitle.
These days, Nishijin-ori is spreaded to the world because of its quality and design.


Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (株)丸八テント商会
5-7-10, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan,460-0008
TEL: +81-52-251-6731We offer a large tent which we can use for triage.
FAX: +81-52-251-6558
Mail: 08tent08@gmail.com
Site Web (English): http://08tent.jp/
Blogs (English): https://08tent.wordpress.com/
#tente #tissu_de_tentes #08tent
Boutique en ligne

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