Truck awning [Protecting trucks and motorcycles’ luggage from the rain! 】

【Truck Awning】

It is used to protect the cargo from wind and rain and direct sunlight by wearing it on the truck bed.

【Features】 Truck hoover seat

Attaching a metal framework called a canopy bolster to the loading platform, cover it with a canopy and assemble it.

◆ letter inserting, logo inserting is also possible!

◆ Awning sheet (with framework)

There are two types. Truck awning with flamework and flat sheets that cover only the sheets.

【Case study】

I would like to introduce examples of constracting hood sheet for a truck!

Awning sheets have rough fabrics and slippery fabrics, and the colors which you can choose are various!

We have khaki and beige, but there are also silver etc.

In addition, we will manufacture it according to your wishes such as eyelet interval and logo insertion!

※ If construction for the framework is necessary, we will borrow your car for several days.

We are also accepting replacement of old track covers!

Do you have any troubles with holes, broken, etc.?

We will manufacture and construct tents according to customer ‘s wishes all colors, sizes and shapes, so please feel free to contact our Maruhachi Tent Company.

※ If construction of the framework is necessary, you may borrow your car for several days.

[Also reworking the bike’s hood! 】

We are also making tailor-made seats for bike!

☆ point of tailor-made ☆

· We will manufacture it according to your bike size.

· The material can be chosen from rusty and perfect things to soft fabrics made from crane!

In addition , we are accepting production of sheets with tailor- made.

If you are interested in tents, please feel free to contact us.

We handle deformed hoods besides the above-mentioned hoops!

This is what is called Ultra Wing type hood.

Since you can open and close the side, loading and unloading of baggage can be done easily.

Because it can protect rain and sun.

You can choose Awning from Ultramax Green, Hurricane Green, Estel Canvas No 5 Green, Esther Canvas O. 5 OD.

And you can choose from the orange, yellow, Royal Blue, Gray, Silver as option color.

And, as an option, we put logos and we also install opening and closing curtains!

【Logo insertion】

【Curtain closure】

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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