Tennis court tent

We made these tent beside the tennis courts.

We can provide the sports facilities with tent.

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Accordion Garage

This is an accordion garaje.

you can easily have this even if you dohave enough space for an ordinary garaje.

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Custom made bag

We can make bags by tent fabric.

We have many kinds of  tent fabrics and we can provide them to satisfy with our customer.

You can also choose the size of bag and we can make it.

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Tent warehouse


The tent warehouse can be used not only as a cargo handling area or warehouse, but also as an event venue or indoor sports facility.

The tent warehouse can be deliveried quickly and the cost is lower warehouse.
The main feature is that there is no pillar inside and a large space can be secured.
By taking wide entrances and exits, forklifts and trucks can be put in smoothly and work efficiency .

We respond to customer requests such as combining the entrance with an electric shutter or installing lighting equipment.
Not only can we produce tents from design to construction,
We will also support legal matters such as building confirmation applications and tax incentives in Japan.
Since there are many handling such as size, fabric (flameproof, nonflammable),
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