My internship at Maruhachi [ Jean ]

Since I started my internship at Maruhachi on Monday, September 9th, 2019, I have been learning miscellaneous things. Me, and my intern colleague Helton, have been involved in various Maruhachi activities.

On Wednesday, September 11th , 2019, we attended the seminar at JFC (Japan Finance Company) in Nagoya where Maruhachi presented  the report about internship system started 4 years ago. It was a privilege to explain how valuable can interns be to Maruhachi company, what interns are gaining  from internship.

JFC delegation was very interested in that point because that system is new for them. Interns are involved in projects where they gain skills from Maruhachi and achieve more for Maruhachi. This is an example of a tent designed by interns students and installed at GIFU Media Cosmos. We were very glad to visit that wonderful work with the CEO.


While doing internship, we enjoy with colleagues, sharing lunch and also talks what is a good thing for the work environment.

I hope that the rest of the stay during internship will be enjoyable.


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