Workshop at Meijo University

Last Saturady, September 14th, 2019, Maruhachi held a workshop at Meijo University.
On the day’s agenda were various activities. JICE interns, Jean from Burundi and Helton from Togo made presentations on what they are doing at Maruhachi, the experience they are acquiring and their future plan using this experience.
They introduced their respective countries to the audience and the progress of the internship. Also, other interns attended, the Maruhachi President was there.
Meijo University attendants comprised of University Professors and Assistant Students. 

We also had time to make the towers with marshmallows and the hammocks with tent fabrics.
The event was fruitful as interns shared their experiences and University people got in touch with Maruhachi interns and discussed during free talk.


Making a bag prototype using tent fabric

Yesterday 12th September 2019, Helton san and Jean san, two interns in Maruhachi, coming respectively form TOGO and BURUNDI (AFRICA), made their first bag prototype at Maruhachi. They first imagined they structure of the bag, designed it and  finally they made it using tent fabric.

They worked very hard during more than 3 hours and the result was amazing.


Although the fact that it was their first time to do such thing, their did their best. We really appreciate their work.

My internship at Maruhachi [ Jean ]

Since I started my internship at Maruhachi on Monday, September 9th, 2019, I have been learning miscellaneous things. Me, and my intern colleague Helton, have been involved in various Maruhachi activities.

On Wednesday, September 11th , 2019, we attended the seminar at JFC (Japan Finance Company) in Nagoya where Maruhachi presented  the report about internship system started 4 years ago. It was a privilege to explain how valuable can interns be to Maruhachi company, what interns are gaining  from internship.

JFC delegation was very interested in that point because that system is new for them. Interns are involved in projects where they gain skills from Maruhachi and achieve more for Maruhachi. This is an example of a tent designed by interns students and installed at GIFU Media Cosmos. We were very glad to visit that wonderful work with the CEO.


While doing internship, we enjoy with colleagues, sharing lunch and also talks what is a good thing for the work environment.

I hope that the rest of the stay during internship will be enjoyable.


Accordion Garage

Article 31

For your Carport uses, Maruhachi Tent is serving you.

This type of tent is easy to move in or out cars in such small space due.

Different sizes and corresponding prices are presented.

Welcome to Maruhachi Tent.

Article 32



Parasols are often used in hotels, restaurants, cafe, …


We have 3 types of parasol: Market parasol, Hanging parasol and Large parasol (with a diameter between 3 meters and 7 meters).

The fabrics are Chagall, New pasty, summer shield and we have various colors (pink, orange, safron yellow,…)



Let’s talk about furler!

Furler 1

Furler is a tent shade wich can be open and closed depends on the weather. We make various designs and they can be placed both indoor and outdoor. The textiles are TEIJIN chagall, TEIJIN, Serge Ferrari SOLTIS 92 and Serge Ferrari SOLTIS 86

Furler 2

Air Tent

Article 21.jpg

The air tents don’t require frames,  by the way installation is made by pumping the air inside what makes them flexible to create various designs.

Miscellaneous designs with adapted sizes matching needs are made. Various tents of this type are made to host sports and music events, they are also used as stage tents or swimming pools.

Article 22

Overseas Tents Collection

We made a collection of overseas tents for you. We will introduce tents and parasols which we found in Europe and the U.S. Their designs are in diverse. Some are simple and match the atmosphere of cities, and others have bold design and catch. We have:

Overseas Tents 1

R-SHAPED TENT : The feature of this type of tents is the round shape. They are often seen at stores in Europe.

AWNING : They have wide range of usage such as roofs for terrace seats at cafes, signs for restaurants.

PARASOL: In western countries, people enjoy sun basing and spending time outside. This culture reflects the number of parasols. You can find them in the parks, shopping malls, cafes… anywhere.

SHADE: Since tent fabric is flexible, it is suitable for space design. These shades can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Overseas Tents 2

Dragons stadium visit on September 09th, 2019


At Dragons Stadium in Nagoya,  Maruhachi Tent made a visit for introducing Maruhachi tent business to JICE interns . Maruhachi Tent is one of sponsors of Dragons stadium events.


Maruhachi  Tenst are installed at the Dragons Stadium at other spots of stadium  like at exits.


Maruhachi Tent  provides services that satisfy your tent needs. Customers interested in such Maruhachi service are welcomed.

GIFU Media Cosmos visit – 9th September 2019

My name is Helton YAWOVI and I am from Togo (Western Africa). I am currently doing an internship at MARUHACHI TENT from September 9th to September 19th 2019. I am an ABE 5th batch student, studying Artificial Intelligence in Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Yesterday was the first day of my internship at MARUHACHI TENT and we did our first field visit. We visited Gifu Media Cosmos where the company made some achievements. Gifu Media Cosmos is a big library in Gifu prefecture where the company made some tents. I really appreciated the design of the tents. We took lot of photos in the library with the tents.  They were well designed with a good pattern and texture. They were indoor tents but their designs were made to let the filtered light of the sun to pass through so that people under the tents can enjoy the natural lighting when reading.

IMG_20190909_104444 - Copy