Maruhachi’s High School Outreach Program


On Monday, Maruhachi Tent interns participated in an outreach program at the Aichi High School of Technology and Engineering, showing students how the company makes its various order made tents. The interns also guided the students in the construction of hammocks using the company’s tent material, allowing the students to get a basic understanding of the tools and process of constructing products out of tent fabric and steel.  Afterwards, the students and interns had a roundtable discussion, and all the students were in agreement that while the task had several difficult components, it was nevertheless entertaining and insightful into the practical aspects of engineering a tent.


Maruhachi Tent’s Kimura Steel Factory


The Maruhachi Tent Kimura Steel Factory is located in Northern Nagoya.

At this location, the company constructs the steel frames that become the skeletons of their various order made tents. On Today’s visit, we were able to observe the assembly of an Accordion Tent’s steel frame. The pre-cut steel components were put together, creating a frame that can compress and expand as required.

Nishijin Carbon Fiber and Canvas


Nishijin Carbon fiber and Nishijin Canvas

can be used to createa variety of products

including bags, shoes, and even instrument

cases.  Also as the canvas is made from

recycled plastic, it’s also beneficial for the

environment. For further information, please

contact Maruhachi Tent for more details.

Parasol Tents


The Maruhachi Parasol comes in various forms,

including the market parasol, the hanging parasol,

and a large size parasol.  Coming in various

colours and materials, the tent is order made to suit

the client’s needs. For further information, please

contact Maruhachi Tent for more details.

Track Sheet and Hood


The Track sheet and Hood covers for trucks

has many options to suit the client’s needs.

Coming in various materials and shapes,

Maruhachi Tent can also print the Client’s logo

if desired. For further information, please

contact Maruhachi Tent for more details.

Warehouse Tent


The warehouse tent has many uses, ranging

from a working space, a commercial space, and

even a sports area. Maruhachi Tent can manufacture

a warehouse tent in various sizes, depending on

the client’s space needs. For further information,

please contact Maruhachi Tent for more details.

Maruhachi Tent’s West Nagoya Factory


Maruhachi Tent’s West Nagoya Factory is located in Ama City.

It is at this plant that Maruhachi’s Engineers manufacture the company’s made to order tents.  On today’s visit, we were able to observe the manufacturing of an Awning Tent.  We observed the cutting of the Tent Material, and the assembly of the various pieces into the final shape that will become the Awning Tent.

Maruhachi Tent Internship Seminar



Date: 2019 September 4th

Time: 13:30-15:00

Admission Fee: None

Location: Nagoya Bank Heartful Plaza

About the Seminar:

Maruhachi Tent would like to introduce an internship program, longer than the one held in 2012. This program provides, through the sale of tents, opportunities to learn about international business, consulting, and about working with the Olympics.

Based on the company’s prior experience, Maruhachi Tent plans to use this seminar to introduce the key points of the internship program.

Those who are interested are invited to attend.