Bellows type garage[tough tent garage]


Bellows type garages use tough fabic and rails, therefore do not break easily.

[Feachers]・Opening and closing by one touch type.

If you use one side of this garage, other side of it move at the same time.


Fabics are made by Tatron tarpaulin, so very weather resistance.

There are ventilation hole front side and back side.

・This tent have strong steal flames.

Therefore car go through the rail of garade

・Set up

This tent can set up approximately for 2~3 hours. You can use in lease parking lots.

We have many colors  of fabic and options, If you are interested in our products please contact to us feeling free.

Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (株)丸八テント商会
5-7-10, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan,460-0008
TEL: +81-52-251-6731
FAX: +81-52-251-6558
Site Web (English):
Blogs (English):


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