Truck hood

【What is truck hood】

This uses for protecting luggage from rain, snow, wind and direct sunlight. It is setting up on truck and motercycle.


【Feacher】Truck hood seat
Truck hoods are fixed the flames(made by steal) set on luggage carrier
◆Be able to put on letters and rogos

◆Please look the picture under this statement. There are some types the truck sheets and  truck hoods(with flames. like blow picture).

Then, we introduce examples of truck sheets and truck hoods.
Truck sheets have some fabics, for example, the surface of fabic is rough and smooth one. You can select from many colors. We usually see khaki and beige color ones, but there are silver hoods (sheets).

In additon,
※If your truck or motercycle’s need to set up(reapir) flames for hoods(sheets), we keep your cars (bike) for few days.

Our company accept order about repair hoods or sheets.

Who are in truble like the hoods (sheets) having holes, or teared?


Colors, shapes and size are selected by costumers, and we make for you.  Please contact Maruhachi tent feeling free.

※If your truck or motercycle’s need to set up(reapir) flames for hoods(sheets), we keep your cars (bike) for few days.

【We make hoods for motorcycles】

Maruhachi tent made to order hoods (sheets) for motorcycle!

☆Advantage of bespoke☆

・We make hoods fitting your bike’s size.

・You can select fabic from many types of it. For instance, fabic which surface is smooth and water replling one, and fabic made by cloth which is very soft. Of course, we also have many other types of fabic.

We accept other order, for example under picture. We also have unique hoods!


This is called urtra wing hoods.

This type of hoods can open (close) from side, custmer can move luggage easily.

Truck hoods and sheets can prevent rain or sunlight,

you can use mobile food vender vehicle.

Truck and bike hoods fabic selected from ester and so on.

Then, opption colors are arranged under. You can choose from red, yellow ,dark blue, gray and sliver.


For the last, We have opptions putting in rogos and set up rolling up cartain.

【Put in rogos】


【Rolling up cartain】


If you are interested in please contact with us.

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TEL: +81-52-251-6731
FAX: +81-52-251-6558
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