Event tent ~can put in rogos~

This tent can put in some rogos and letters. These tents are used in school events, some events are held by cities. Would you search for this kind of tents?
Today, we suggest that setting up tent accomodate many people inside of the tent.

・Tabernacle are made by ester fabric (water repelling, durable and abrasion)
・Flame made by steal and painted by glit
・Weight: approximately 60 kilogram ( in case of 3.36m × 5.54m)
・How many people need to set up → 2 people need to set up
・How long to set up → approximatery 10 minuites
・Color: in tatal 6 colors (red, yellow, light green, green, orange,bule, light pink and light blue)
1. This kind of tent can take down and devide for Tabernacle and flame, in addition, easy to store.
Event tents are huge tent that can accomodate about 8 people, however, Event tents are able to devide for its body parts and store. This tent do not need big space to store it. Furthermore, less people need to take down.

2. Small number of people to set up Event tent.
This tent can take down by small parts, If you read operating guide, people who have never set up tent can set up easily. It means do not have to call spesific contractors, and cut down the cost to call them.

3.Can put in rogos
Not only 6 colors of tabernacles, but also can put in rogos customer’s needs. Costomers are able to select the fonts, colors and size of the rogos.

※Be attention when customer use tents
・Must prevention of wind (put on exclusive weights, piles or ropes). In addition, refrain from using for long time and inclement weather or predicted these situation.
・This tent is designed for short term to use, refrain from setting up for long time.
・To use for correctly and safty, before you use this tent, you must read opreating guide carefully.
Size              Hight
1.8m×2.7m   1.8m
1.8m×3.6m   1.8m
2.7m×3.6m   1.8m
3.6m×5.4m   1.8m
3.6m×7.2m   1.8m
5.4m×7.2m   2.0m
5.4m×9m      2.0m

・The bag to store flames

・20kg weights

・10kg mold weights

・20kg mold weights
・Repairing tebernacle

・Our conpany not only deliver event tens, also repair tent’s tebernacle. In addition, We can put in rogos on tents. Please entrust us about tent.


・Event tens with side cartain


This is a tent with side cartain (option). Side cartain can prevent wind.  Depending on the events situation, we suggest Event tent.

We have a lot of other examples, please contact to us.

Maruhachi Tent Corporation / (株)丸八テント商会
5-7-10, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan,460-0008
TEL: +81-52-251-6731
FAX: +81-52-251-6558
Mail: 08tent08@gmail.com
Site Web (English): http://08tent.jp/
Blogs (English): https://08tent.wordpress.com/


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